Deepavali Light CelebrationMentoring is an easy way to foster diversity and inclusion. I have mentored two students and have a mentor- all different than me.  Companies can implement official mentoring programs, whereby there is a peer to peer mentoring, among employees who are different from one another. Differences are key to diversity mentoring. The business should implement a training before an employee can serve as a mentor. This ensures the person is well equipped to effectively mentor someone because mentoring is a commitment. An alternative to workplace mentoring is to allow employees to take time during work to mentor someone outside the company, such as a student. Mentoring provides the opportunity to learn about someone’s background, heritage, culture, religion, struggles, and aspirations. Both the mentor and mentee learn about and from one another. It is a mutual beneficial relationship. A mentor can often encourage the mentee to pursue dreams that may seem impossible to the mentee. Moreover, the mentor can offer the steps, encouragement, and support to help the person achieve these dreams and overcome obstacles. There is no greater reward than watching someone achieve something they never thought they could do. Are you ready to begin diversity mentoring?