The Lotus FlowerHow did you come up with your company’s name? I have always been passionate about supporting diverse populations. I knew I wanted to make meaningful change and progress by helping businesses create diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Next, I had to choose a name. I wanted something different, unique, and special to me. So, I immediately thought of the lotus.

Photography is one of my passions. The lotus fascinates me. I always pause to capture its beauty, calmness, and unique ability to persevere and blossom, even in the poorest of conditions. It reminds me of the struggles of so many diverse populations and how they find the strength to overcome them.

Years ago, I remember visiting my grandmother in the hospital. When I stopped by the gift shop, my eyes fixated on the single, white lotus floating in a vase for sale. Her face was filled with happiness and joy when I brought it to her room.

The lotus is significant in many cultures and religions, including Hinduism. In countless ways, the lotus has always a part of my life and served as my inspiration for naming my business. What inspired your company’s name?