Lunar New Year CelebrationOur global population is diverse, with China and India constituting 36% of the world’s population. Additionally, by 2044, groups formerly seen as minorities in the U.S. will reach majority status.

Workplaces are recognizing the need for employees to reflect this global diversity. And we know that inclusion is a key component of diversity. But what does an inclusive workplace look like?

An inclusive workplace has five essential characteristics. First, it is space where employees are different. For instance, there are people of different races, ethnicities, gender identities, generations, sexual orientations, abilities, religions, etc. Second, the work environment celebrates differences. For example, the company plans events to celebrate the Lunar New Year next February, Diwali in November, etc. Third, it is place where all employees feel a sense a belonging, value, and happiness and have an equal voice. Fourth, there are numerous opportunities for learning and professional development. This can lead to advancement within the company or externally. Fifth, there is transparency about and equity in pay and promotions.

These are some of the things that readily come to mind when we think about what an inclusive workplace looks like to us. What does an inclusive workplace look like to you?