Diversity When RecruitingFortunately, businesses, small and large, are still hiring during this pandemic. Big companies, like Instacart and Walmart, intend to add 300,000 jobs and 150,000 jobs, respectively.

When a company decides to hire, what is the first thing that comes to their mind? Is it diversity when recruiting? Diversity is of paramount importance. If an employer is committed to diversity, diversity must guide every aspect of the business, including recruiting. This extends to the job description and marketing.

To attract diverse applicants, the application process should be simple and straightforward. The job description should be easy to understand. Additionally, it should not be overly long or include requirements that are not essential duties.

Some companies post the job description online and do nothing more. Businesses should explore other methods to reach diverse populations. Some of these populations may not use the internet, whether by choice or lack of access. Ten percent of Americans do not use the internet. One potential solution is to share the job description with community organizations or partners who serve diverse groups of people. They can then physically post the job description or otherwise share it. Has your company tried this method of diversity when recruiting?