Stained Glass of Two Hands

How can you use collaboration to make a difference? Collaboration is the process by which at least two people or organizations work together towards a common goal.

Earlier this year, a female minority consultant approached me while I was at my work copier. She was interested in the (first and still only) immigration grant program I developed in Florida. Her achievements impressed me. She invited me to lunch to learn more about each other’s work.

Our subsequent lunch led to weekly conversations and, more importantly, a friendship. We talked about our mutual interest of making a difference, especially given the injustices. Additionally, our discussions centered on empowerment, positivity, and support of one another. Those conversations led to us collaborating, which we often aspired to do.

This week, we did our first collaborative in-person workshop. It combined her expertise in culture and generations in the workplace with my expertise in diversity and inclusion. This was a fantastic first-time collaboration. Each of us brought a different perspective to our workshop. We felt confident in our decision to collaborate, which the attendees echoed through their extremely positive feedback.

When is the last time you collaborated to make a difference?