People often say that diversity programs are for large companies who can afford the investment of time and resources. However, diversity is not just for big business.

Every business, ranging from startups to global corporations to nonprofit organizations to law firms, should commit to diversity and inclusion. I know that my best work experiences are those where I got the privilege to work with people different than me. These were people of different races, ethnicities, genders, and generations. Additionally, they were people with disabilities, people who identify as LGBTQ+, immigrants, and refugees. This diversity brings new, fresh, and different perspectives to issues and more innovation to the company. Moreover, working with diverse individuals allows you to learn about someone’s else experiences, struggles, and victories. All of these things make you a better person and employee to your company and community.

Some businesses can afford to hire a diversity officer. For those who cannot do so, there are dedicated consultants ready to help your business, regardless of size and whether new or existing, start a diversity program. This allows your company to begin to reap the multitude of benefits of a diverse and inclusive work environment.