Belem Leaders Podcast – Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the Board Room & Beyond

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Bridging the Gap | News Story by Gulfshore Business

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A FSBDC Success Story | Small Business Development Center at Florida Gulf Coast University

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Three Entrepreneurs share how they launched their business on the heels of a pandemic

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Fulfilling Dreams and Helping Immigrants

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World of Immigration Often Complicated, Confusing, Challenging

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Immigrant Health Care Workers Play a Vital Role in the United States’ COVID-19 Response

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, the U.S. health care system will likely be pushed to its limits. During this time, it is important to remember the role that immigrant health care workers play alongside their native-born colleagues on the front lines of this fight—and how strongly our health care capacity depends on the expertise of these workers. Read More

Immigrant Workers Are Essential to U.S. Health System

According to the American Immigration Council, over four million immigrants work in the healthcare and social service industry alone. Read More

Immigrants Help Strengthen America’s Labor Force

In the United States, immigrants are more likely to be working-age than their U.S.-born counterparts. This means they are more likely to be active in the labor force, allowing them to contribute to the economy not only as consumers but also as taxpayers, helping fund social services and programs like Medicare and Social Security. Read More

Immigrants Are Integral to Florida’s Economy

Florida has long been home to a large number of immigrants, many of whom hail from the Caribbean. One in five residents in the state is an immigrant, together making up more than a fourth of Florida’s labor force. As workers, business owners, taxpayers, and neighbors, immigrants are an integral part of Florida’s diverse and thriving communities and make extensive contributions that benefit all. Read More